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Make your Donation Effective

What organization does a good job at reviewing how effective groups are at spending political donations i.e. how many votes per dollar?

Check out Focus for Democracy. You would be surprised at how ineffective some of our favorite groups are. Moreover, Focus on Democracy also looks at which 501(C)(3) and (C)(4), or tax deductible groups, are best for things like registering voters. I worked with their recommended groups in the last couple of elections and have come to trust their suggestions especially Working America which targets moderate working class people.

Another question I get a lot: For which candidate(s) (rather than groups) can my donations make the biggest difference in this coming election? For the answer, check out Force Multiplier. Your money does not go to the organization but rather directly to the candidates via Act Blue. You can choose which of their recommendations to fund. I found out about this group through a non fundraiser put on by WAC friends. I have also been involved, at different rates/times, with Swing Left, Indivisible, and Sister Cities, but use the above organizations for most donations. This is the time that seed money makes the most difference to hire staff and buy time on media. All are good for postcards and calls.

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